Display Solutions

Incorporating the most advanced and feature-rich technologies, StarVision's comprehensive range of TFT displays offer the very latest solutions to meet the demands of any project. Our advanced portfolio of high specification TFT LCD displays are designed with a wealth of features to suit the needs of today as well as the demands of tomorrow. With exceptional resolution, brightness and contrast, optimum readability and performance in all environments, and wide viewing angles, our TFT displays also come with optional Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology.


This gives you the confidence and capability to develop flexible, reliable and trusted solutions that will deliver optimum performance, product longevity and competitive advantage. In addition, we can also supply and customise everything from the electronics to the displays, tooling and mounting kits and more, further reducing development time and accelerating time to the market.

StarVision's Industrial displays deliver excellent contrast, high clarity, benefiting from wide viewing angles, generous operating temperatures and gloved Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) operation in a variety of industrial applications.