MIPI Displays
5'' 720x1280 PCT IPS
5'' 720x1280 PCT IPS

4.3'' 800x480 PCT IPS
4.3'' 800x480 PCT IPS

5'' 720x1280 PCT IPS
5'' 720x1280 PCT IPS


StarVision has developed a range of TFT solutions utilising the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI), which is a newer technology that is managed by the MIPI Alliance. MIPI uses similar differential signalling to LVDS by using a clock pair and one to eight pairs of data called lanes. ARM and X86 SBC or SOM embedded solutions are increasingly supporting 2 or 4 lane MIPI DSI. Advantages of MIPI include high speed and low power modes, as well as the ability to read data back from the display at lower rates.

  • Variety of modules from 1.77’’-10.1’’.

  • 2 and 4 Lane MIPI DSI support.

  • High contrast and 80/80/80/80 viewing IPS TFT.

  • Low EMI solution.

  • Supporting increased display resolutions.

  • 5 years+ longevity.

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