Security and Smart Buildings

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building's operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems. StarVison has actively designed HMI solutions for Access Control, HVAC, Fire Suppression Systems, Pager Technology, Ticketing Systems, Time and Attendance Systems and Home Automation, and continues to be a central player within these sectors.

StarVision-Rugged Interfacing.jpg

Rugged Interfacing

Security and Access Control HMI is often subject to extreme environments, abrasive handling and vandalism. StarVision has adapted PCT Sensing designs to incorporate up to 8mm rugged chemically strengthened cover glass, utilising bespoke IC packages able to sense through thick vandal proof substrates.

StarVision-Outdoor Operation.jpg

Outdoor Operation

StarVision has developed a range of Ultra Wide Temperature TFT Modules, capable of operation from -30 + 85 Deg C. These unique solutions can be combined with high brightness backlighting to  deliver a truly compelling solution for outdoor rugged applications.  Parking Machines, Outdoor Access Control , and Hand Held instruments will benefit greatly from this technology advancement.

StarVision-Industrial Longevity.jpg

Industrial Longevity

StarVison’s core strategy is to deliver the best optical performance seen in the consumer sphere, whilst ensuring the overall module design conforms to long term industrial design principles. Security and Smart Building applications can expect all round IPS viewing angles, clear high contrast imagery, and wide temperature operation.