Transport and Maritime

The Transport and Maritime sectors pose challenges to the modern HMI, often operating under extreme conditions, wide temperatures, and prone to saltwater ingress, StarVision has provided some novel engineering solutions worldwide, to big names in the Automotive and Maritime Industries. Whether you are manufacturing an Aftermarket Automotive Device, Marine Control Panel, Rugged HMI, Vehicle Weight Scale or GPS Navigation Tool, StarVision has the solution to your problem.

StarVision-Moisture Protection.jpg

Moisture Protection

StarVison has developed IP rated enclosures for a variety of rugged Transport applications. Whether a fully fledged IP67 certified design or simply a NEMA 2 standard using 3M Die Cut Double Sided Adhesive Gasket, our consultative design approach leverages engineering experience globally, gained across numerous projects, past and present.

StarVision-Direct Sunlight operation.jpg

Direct Sunlight Operation

StarVision is aware of the challenges posed by direct sunlight, not only due to the visibility of a display, but owing to UV damage of polarisers and bonding material over time. Component selection, and superior engineering negate the risks and impact. we provide ultra high brightness backlighting design , Starbond® Optical Bonding, and IPS mother glass, to create a combination of  features designed to enhance the viewability of an HMI. 

StarVision-Rugged Housing Design.jpg

Rugged Housing Design

Transport and Maritime applications often require rugged enclosures and metal work, bezels and gasket design. StarVision China’s in house Monitor development and production team have created compelling examples of rugged housing, to protect displays and touch sensors from harsh vibration and shock.